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Barrett’s Bread

Conveniently located near my uni, whenever I feel like a good cup of coffee, I would make my way there. Today, was the day I felt like a decent cup before a long 3 hours tutoring session. I had coffee at Barrett’s only 2 weeks ago, and they served a pretty good cup that my friend, Brainy, was pretty impressed by it.

I went there about lunch time and thought it might be a bad idea, as lunch time means a pack cafe. To my surprise when I got there, only two tables were taken. Maybe everyone had lunch early. Ordered a large flat white to go.

The barista serving us, was not the same one as previously. He was not as friendly, and when he was told that there was a flatwhite take away, he did not make it immediately. In fact, he walked off to clear some cups, while I was just standing there waiting. Looked around, before getting started with my flatwhite.

I got my flat white and it was HOT! (and I burnt my tongue) I like to be able to drink my coffee when it gets served, not wait awhile later. It was totally different previously. Well, when I finally managed to drink, at least the coffee was not burnt. (They use Fiori beans for those who would like to know, I did not get a look at what milk they use).

How was the coffee? I had better from this place. The coffee texture was rough. I also felt that the flat white was a little too strong for me.Although it was still better than guild’s coffee.

Will I return? Most probably when I want a decent cup. however, coffee there is not cheap (half price if I buy guild coffee). I hope the good barista gets back.

That said, I love the tarts from Barrett’s bread. I bought a few of them last year for friends’ birthdays. I’ve yet to try their bread, but I have heard good reviews from friends.

Overall rating: Below average. (simply base on their coffee and attitude)

Will I recommend this cafe: No (for anyone not near Nedlands)
Yes (if u really want a decent cup of coffee near Nedlands)

Barrett’s Bread
19 Broadway
Nedlands, WA 6009
Tel: 9389 6404
Web: http://www.barrettsbakery.com/

Open: Mon – Fri, 6.30am – 5.30pm
Sat, 6.30am-4pm
Sun and public holidays, 6.30am – 3pm.

Barrett's Bread on Urbanspoon

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