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Shanghai Tea Garden

Headed to Shanghai Tea Garden for dinner yesterday, after late night shopping. Shanghai Tea Garden was known as Cafe Mozart previously and only sold cakes and coffee. They underwent a renovation and became a chinese restaurant  last year July but they do still sell cakes and coffee.

I first visited Shanghai Tea Garden last year when they were relatively newly opened with a few of my friends, Mos, Chiku and Mushroomong. We really enjoyed it, and have recommended it to our fellow friends who have enjoyed it too. Unfortunately, I must say that food there can be quite inconsistent. Sometimes it is really good, and you go back with high expectations. But a couple of times it failed to meet that expectation.

Haven’t been to Shanghai Tea Garden for awhile, we (me and Mos) decided to head there. I always enjoyed their cold entree, and ordered two.

First dish was tofu with century egg. Century egg is preserved egg and has an aquired taste. Not everyone are able to take the taste of century eggs, and I had only recently gotten used to its taste. I used to really dislike century eggs, but I’m glad I actually am able to take the taste of it. If you like century eggs, you will probably like this dish. However, it is a very simple dish, which you probably will be able to make it yourself at home. It just consist of silk tofu, preserved radish (Chai Poh), century egg, salt, sesame oil, chilli sesame oil and salt, garnished with spring onion. It isn’t a dish I will make frequently so whenever I am at Shanghai Tea Garden, I’d still order it.

The second dish was a new dish on the cold entree menu called Roast Beef. It was nothing special but still nice. The meat was tender and the sauce reminded me of braised duck served in kuay chup. Will I order it again? Maybe if I have nothing else to order, but it isn’t my favourite.

Saw 2 new dishes on the menu called Pork chop and rice cakes, and Shanghai rice cakes. Decided to order the Pork chop and rice cakes. The rice cakes cooked till really soft and easy to chew and swallow. The flavour did not stand out for me though and the pork chop was too tough. There were only two of us, so that dish was probably too filling. There was only 1 pork chop, so if there were 4pax, that pork chop will be too small to share. There are better things to order. I might try the shanghai rice cakes in future.

Lastly, we ordered pork leg. When we first visited Shanghai, we ordered a pork leg dish back then, and really enjoyed it. The meat was really soft, it was easy to cut. But there were a couple of times when I visited and had that dish it wasn’t as good as I first remembered it to be. And today happened to fall below expectations, where the pork leg probably wasn’t cook long enough and was too tough and hard to tear apart. Although when Chiku visited this place 1-2 weeks ago, it was excellent, so really depends on your luck.

Overall Shanghai Tea Garden is a really nice restaurant. Their food is different from all the other chinese restaurants you find in northbridge. If you like Shanghainese food, this place is a must go. The whole restaurant has a very nice layout, bringing back memories of “old shanghai”. It is very clean, and you don’t get food smell all over the restaurant. Service is also unlike many chinese restaurant. The lady boss is really friendly, always recommending dishes to order, and getting feedback on it. It has one of the best service for a chinese restaurant.

Having opened for only a year, Shanghai Tea Garden is one of the finalist for the Gold Plate awards. Well, you can expect best service and food at least till October as they are in the race to win a Gold Plate award.

I didn’t order some of my personal favourite dishes which are: Bamboo pork belly, fish fillet ( it is cooked in wine) and chilli chicken. You can try it the next time you visit this restaurant. It wasn’t the best experience I had with this restaurant, but I will still head back because of past experiences.

Overall rating (based on previous visits as well): Above average (wish they were more consistent)

Will I recommend this restaurant: Yes.

Shanghai Tea Garden
1/399 William Street
Northbridge 6003
Tel: 9227 7066
Open: Tuesdays – Sundays (11am till late)

Average price: $25-30 per pax

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  1. Janine
    October 14, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    We want to try out the Shanghai and have tried to ring a fair few times, there is no answer. Is this resturaant still going?

    • October 14, 2010 at 8:54 pm


      Yes the restaurant should still be around.. You can try heading down to the restaurant to have a look, they could be close for renovations, I’m not too sure. I’d check for you, but am currently out of town. Try calling in the evenings, hopefully you will have more luck there. Do let me know.

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