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Mini Espresso

I was recommended this place by a friend and decided to check it out. Mini espresso is a small coffee shop along london court, nearer to St. Georges Tce. I always noticed london court cafe, but fail to notice mini espresso since it was a relatively small shop. There were only a few stools for people to seat, so most people usually get take away.I guess maybe that was why it never really caught my attention. I like a cafe to sit with friends while drinking my coffee.

I heard from friends who work in the city that there is a long queue of people in the morning, but luckily for me, I did not have to wait as there was only one person ahead of me. Well since I went in the afternoon, I did not crash with the morning crowd.

I ordered my usual flat white and found it to be one of the cheapest coffee for a large coffee. The coffee came, and for a take out, the barrister still took the effort to make coffee art. I stopped him from capping the coffee so that I could take a picture and he immediately wipe the table around it so I could have a nice picture. Not many cafe I know, when asking for a take out coffee will even bother with coffee art.

I love the cup, simple with the shop’s logo. Took my coffee and had a sip. Definitely the right temperature (no burning of tongue), and it brought a smooth texture. There was a right balance of milk and coffee, did not find it bitter at all (I don’t add sugar in my coffee). I thoroughly enjoyed my coffee, and my pocket did not feel as though it burnt a hole.

Located at a convenient location, coffee was good, price was right. You can even sms your order before hand, which is pretty ideal for those working in the city. What more can you ask for?

The only down side for me is that I wish it was open till later hours (like on Friday late nights), and wish that it was probably bigger, so that people have the option of sitting down with friends for a cup of coffee. Oh, and I think cafe should have a coffee collar for their take outs. The cup can get a little too warm to hold.

I will definitely be back for more coffee, and to try their cappuccino.

Overall rating: Above average.

Will I recommend this cafe: Yes!

Mini Espresso
Shop 50, London Court
Tel: 9225 5684
SMS: 0400 016 464
Website: www.miniespresso.com.au

Average price of coffee: $3.80

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  1. Sexycoffee
    February 8, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Great little unexpected find, tucked away in one of the many arcades in the cbd. Coffee looks like a coffee is supposed to look; great crema and rich in taste…one of the better ones.

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