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Cafe 54

I chance upon this place on coffeesnobs when looking for good coffee places to try. Decided to pop by there during lunch since I was craving for a cup of coffee. I always head to the Korean Restaurant (Took be gi) on Pier St, always notice the crowded bar opposite Took be gi, but never noticed Cafe 54. I thought it probably will not stand out.

Well, the outside certainly was not that catching, with all the shades blocking its signage, since I was as usual walking on the opposite side from where it was. Luckily, I was looking out for the street number, so I managed to find it.

Walked into the cafe, and fell in love with it. Wooden floors, wooden chairs, did I mention I love quaint cafe? I just wanted to take picture of everything, but of course I did not. Place my order for my usual, flat white takeaway, and waited since there were a few orders before me  So I spent my time just looking around.

Observing the barista at work, I must say he takes pride in what he does. Coffee accidentally spilled out of one cup when the waitress was about to carry it off. The barista stopped her to change the plate. He cleaned the bottom of the cup, and the waitress pointed out that it spilled to the side. Most people will probably just clean the side off, but no, he actually poured the coffee away, got a new cup and made a brand new cup of coffee. I was pretty impressed.

Now, it really got me all excited to get my flatwhite. Then I overheard, probably a regular customer, saying, “You got your new improved beans in there?” And yes they did. Cafe 54 now roasts their own coffee beans.

Finally  my flat white was done! I had a sip, and it was the perfect temperature. Had another sip, and a smile appeared on my face. The last coffee place to do that for me, was Epic Espresso, so it was quite long ago. The right temperature, the right texture, and this cup of coffee is sweet even without sugar, I was simply loving it. To me, it had a good body, it was not too strong nor mild. I just finished the cup of coffee and am now longing for another.

On a side note, I picked up their take away menu, and am now eyeing their breakfast meal. I love breakfast, and think that every cafe should have all-day breakfast. I will be returning tomorrow for their breakfast and another cup of coffee, this time cappuccino.(Refer to Breakfast@Cafe54)

Now I wish they are open on weekends, and till late.

Overall rating: Epic!

Will I recommend this cafe: Yes!

Cafe 54
54 Pier Street
Perth, WA 6000
Tel: 9325 1170
Open: Mon-Fri (7am – 5pm)

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