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Edo Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Caught up with LuckyAl today and decided to head down to Subiaco for some Jap food. I really like bento boxes, so LuckyAl introduced me to Edo awhile ago. It has been awhile since we have been to Edo, so decided it shall be that for lunch. For those who have an entertainment book, there is entertainment discount for this restaurant (25% off total bill, up to $20).

Edo is a relatively small japanese restaurant, and can be pretty tight if it is crowded. Tables are pretty small, so I won’t advice on going in big groups. Lucky for us, when we got there, we just missed the lunch crowd and there were plenty of tables for us. We both decided to go for the Bento sets, LuckyAl got Chicken Katsu, and I got the wasabi beef.

Our food came pretty fast, probably because it was past the lunch rush hour. The servings were huge and it was definitely decently priced ($10). LuckyAl’s chicken katsu looked really good. The chicken had a nice golden brown to it. The chicken was juicy but because the tonkatsu sauce was poured over it, it was not crispy on the outside. The chicken was tasty, and it was not too salty.

The wasabi beef came out differently from what I expected it to be. I thought it would be cooked with wasabi, but this was cooked separately and served a blob of wasabi mayo sauce on top. The beef, eaten separately from the wasabi,can be a tad too salty, and the sauce too thick and too much. The wasabi definitely adds a nice kick to the flavour, and it takes away the saltiness. I should have mixed it up right from the beginning, and because I did not, the beef under the blob had too much wasabi and it was an insane feeling that cleared my airways. Next time, I have to remember to mix it up before I eat.

Apart from the main dishes, I felt the sushi was very ordinary, a little too hard. I love the salad because of the orange salad dressing, it was very appetizing. Overall, this was a very large and filling meal definitely worth its price.

Overall rating: Average

Will I recommend this restaurant: Yes

Edo Japanese BBQ Restaurant
320 Barker Road
Subiaco WA
Tel: 9382 1608
Open: Mon-Sun, 11am-9pm

Average Price: $10 per pax

Edo Japanese BBQ on Urbanspoon

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