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I found Toraya Sushi discount on the entertainment book and decided to give it a try today with Mos and since it was a last-minute decision, we did not make an reservations. We arrived about 7.30pm and it was full, but we were asked to wait for only 20mins. I was really hungry but we agreed to, and decided to head to woolies for our groceries shopping. Came back after 20mins and indeed there was a table waiting for us.

However, this table located at probably the worst location. We were blocked by blinds beside us and diagonally behind us. So after we were seated, we were kind of forgotten. It took them sometime to pass us the menu (I had to request for it), and an even longer time for time to take our order. Being blocked by the blinds, it was hard to get their attention. I had to go up to the counter before I could get them to take our order, and I think they only realise that we were sitting there then. The table sitting behind us came slightly after us was served faster than us. I was hungry, and definitely not happy that I had to wait that long.

Anyway, when we finally could place our order, we decided on: assorted sashimi, tuna and salmon carpaccio, beef carpaccio,seafood marinade sushi donburi, and tofu and vegetable ankake. I wanted a sweet sake and was recommended the plum wine.

It was a cold night and the plum wine was served cold with ice (which I was not aware of, not stated in the menu). Well, the plum wine was smooth and had a mild sweetness to it. There was a nice subtle taste of the plum in the aftertaste. Even though it was cold, I enjoyed the plum wine, though would have prefer that it was not served with ice.

The assorted sashimi had a  good variety but that was all. The sashimi pieces were pretty thin, and could have been sliced thicker. The sashimi did not have this clean refreshing  feeling. I did not think the salmon was fatty enough, and the tuna was breaking apart. The scallops were not even sweet.

Tuna and salmon carpaccio on the other hand was special and different. The sashimi slices here were thicker. The mayo and dressing adds a nice flavour to the dish. The dressing took away the sharp flavour that red onions have, leaving the sweetness. This dish was refreshing and delicious, out doing the sashimi.

Beef carpaccio dish is very similar to a beef tataki dish except this was drizzled with wasabi. The portion was good but the beef was a little to thick. Tataki’s beef are normally very thinly sliced. The beef was also a little to rare (red and bloody center when it should be pinkish) especially for those who prefer their beef a little more well done. The dressing of the dish did not stand out, overpowered by the wasabi drizzle. It probably would have more flavour if wasabi was served on the side instead of over the beef.

Seafood marinade sushi donburi consisted of octopus salad, salmon salad, seaweed salad and spicy prawn tempura over sushi rice. This was a very unique dish and the portion was huge. I tried each salad separately before mixing them altogether. I found the octopus salad was overpowered with pepper, salmon salad did not have much taste to  it, seaweed salad was like any other seaweed salad, strong in sesame oil and vinegar taste. The spicy prawn tempura was probably the best, loved the spicy mayo sauce that coated the prawn. It was not overly spicy and was very tasty. After mixing everything together, I could not really taste the salmon. The seaweed salad overpowered the flavour of the dish, not that I mind since I like seaweed salad.

Tofu and vegetable ankake consists of tofu, asparagus, carrot, eggplant with soy soup. The tofu was coated with starch and then fried. The coating was yucky so I removed it to eat the tofu. The soup was nice and tasty and was not too salty, though it could have been warmer when served. The dish was also served with lotus and sweet potato crisp which added a nice touch to it, to the plating and the taste. Both were crispy and sweet and dipping it in the soup will not make it lose its crispiness. That was probably the best thing about this dish.

Overall, I did not think the food was fantastic. If it was not for the entertainment discount I probably will not have step into this place. There are better japanese restaurant around, so it will be a long while before I think about trying this place again.

Overall rating: Below average.

Will I recommend this restaurant: No.

Toraya Sushi
Shop 8, Subiaco Square
29 Station Street
Tel: 9382 4433
Open: Mon-Sun 11am-3pm
Wed-Sun 6pm-9.30pm

Average price: $35-40 per pax

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