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Ipoh Garden Restaurant

Thought of having something simple today and decided to head down to Ipoh Garden Restaurant with Mos.

Ipoh Garden Restaurant is not your fancy kind of restaurant, it is pretty big, but slightly run down. You will not deem it the cleanest restaurant, so just a heads up before you decide to rock down to this restaurant and expect some nice clean-looking restaurant.

Well, Ipoh Garden Restaurant is famous for their Ipoh hor fun, and whenever we decide to head down to this restaurant, it is because we want to have their ipoh hor fun. They have two types of ipoh hor fun, one that is dry (with gravy) while the other is soupy, which was what we ordered, one dry and one soup. A must try is their Inchikiban fried chicken, which we place an order as well.

The soup ipoh hor fun was served with shredded chicken, and prawns. The soup was tasty with a slightly sweet prawny flavour. However, the hor fun does not absorb the taste of the soup, and can taste a little blend.

The dry ipoh hor fun was served with shredded chicken, prawns and braised sauce which is poured over the hor fun coating it. This gives flavour to the hor fun, compared to the soup. However, the sauce is very ordinary and lack prawn flavour. I did not really like the prawns as they came from the deshelled frozen packs, and were not very fresh. Both hor fun dish are actually very simple dish, they are not mouth-watering, or a must eat dish, but I will still have them every once in a while.

The inchikiban fried chicken is probably the best dish of the restaurant. The chicken is not crispy but they are finger-licking good. They come in huge portions and are really really well-marinated. I can probably just buy a serve take away, park myself in front of the tv, play a movie and enjoy the chicken.

Overall, this restaurant I will not say it is fantastic, but once in a while I will still be back, if I want something simple to eat. Although, I will definitely be back just for inchikiban!

Overall rating: Average.

Will I recommend this restaurant: *Shrugs* Yes just for the chicken

Ipoh Garden Restaurant
903 Canning Hwy
Tel: 9364 1688
Open: Tue-Sun lunch (11.30-2.30)
Mon-Sun (except Wed) Dinner (6-9.30pm)

Average price: $15-20 per pax

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