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I have always been wondering about the new restaurant called Tasty House that opened in Chinatown. Brainy has been there a few times, and said it was not too bad, so Chiku,, Mushroomong, Mos and I decided to it a try, together with Brainy. 

Well, it being a Friday evening, I had made reservations a few days in advance, so there was no problems getting a table that evening. Since it was most of our first time, and Brainy despite having been here a couple of times could only recommend the sambal kangkong, we did not know what was good. So we asked the waitress to recommend some dishes. She recommended the fried prawn with egg yolk and the spicy chicken claypot. Chiku wanted to try their softshell crab with black pepper since it was not a common dish sold in other restaurants, and the Toothfish with chilli and pamelo looked interesting. We also ordered a basket of Shanghai dumplings as we noticed quite a few tables ordered that.

The food was served pretty quickly, and first off was the fried prawns with egg yolk. This was a shocker, because normally when we ordered fried prawns with egg yolk, the prawns are normally coated with bits of salted egg yolk and then fried. This was more like tempura battered prawns served with salted egg yolk. The prawns were pale looking and were not fresh, it was the type you get in packets, de-shelled and frozen found in freezers. Even though it was served with salted egg yolk, there were very little of it.

The spicy chicken claypot was not spicy at all. The chicken was not marinated well, it had barely any taste. Even though the dish was filled with whole peppercorns, it did not provide any flavouring, and instead we have to be careful not to bite into any.

Well, the softshell crab with black pepper was not what we hoped for too. Again, we thought it would be fried in black pepper sauce. This was however deep-fried and sprinkled with black pepper and salt. It was very saltish, and did not capture any black pepper taste. The portion of softshell crab was very small as well.

In most restaurants, the toothfish dish are served in whole cutlets, but in this restaurant, our toothfish with chilli and pamelo was served in half cutlets. The fish had too many bones for a toothfish, and it was fishy (which is not normal for a toothfish either). The chilli tasted like diluted  thai sweet chilli which did not any much flavouring hence not covering the fishy taste.

The sambal kang kong which Brainy recommended turned out to be very oily. They served the stems whole and it was way too big. Huge stems are normally broken down so they can be cooked through, but this was left, and was undercooked. Brainy found that this dish was disappointing as compared to the previous times he came.

The shanghai dumplings (xiao long bao) was probably the only decent dish. It was juicy and tasty enough, and the skin was not tough. However, to return just to have shanghai dumplings, I am not sure if it is worth the effort.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed in the food served at Tasty, especially since the dishes that were recommended to us by the waitress was not good at all. I am not sure if I will return, there are better chinese restaurants out there. Although,  if anyone thinks I should and have just ordered the wrong stuff, feel free to comment and let me know.

Overall rating: Fail.

Will I recommend this restaurant: No.

Tasty House
Shop 8 Roe Street
Tel: 92288963
Open: Mon-Sun 6pm to late

Average Price: $20-25 per pax

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