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Food For Me

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Food for me (FFM) is a small cafe located on the streets of Victoria Park. Despite the fact that I frequent Vic Park pretty often, I failed to notice FFM for many yrs until Bella Rosa closed down and Dome took over when it caught my attention.

It was going to be brunch for Mos and I, and upon arriving the place was pretty full (there were only 2 empty tables). Good news for those on a gluten-free diet, FFM provides gluten-free breakfast. They may not have a huge selection of breakfast, but they have the usual, which is good enough for me. Mos and I got a FFM full belly, FFM breakfast sambo, and a flat white.

FFM uses ‘essenza‘ coffee, and bannister down’s milk. For those who love a good strong cup of coffee, then do try FFM’s coffee. FFM’s flat white was a good strong cup in the morning, with a heavy body and mild bitter aftertaste.

FFM full belly breakfast consist of grilled free-range eggs, bacon, Avon-Valley chipolatas, roasted mushroom and tomato on Barrett’s thick toast. I do wonder if I can opt for poached eggs or scrambled eggs even though in their menu they mention grilled eggs. I would definitely like the option. The tomatoes were very juicy and sweet, with tomatoes like these, you don’t really need much or any seasoning. FFM serves their homemade relish with their breakfasst and it was excellent, a good mix of sourness with sweetness. It was delicious having it with the chipolatas. The bacon was well-cooked, browned enough, and it was not too fatty. Mushrooms were served whole and were really juicy. Barrett bread carries a good reputation for their bread, so no question in FFM opting to serve their bread here. A big slice of thick toast that went well with the brekkie.

FFM breakfast sambo serves up bacon, ffm relish, spinach, roasted tomato and grilled free-range egg on Barrett’s thick toast.This brekkie is pretty much similar to the full belly, except it is without the mushrooms and chipolatas but with spinach. Price difference was about $3.50. Spinach was served as it is, I would have preferred it wilted. Everything else was as good as the full belly brekkie. Even though this seemed like a small breakfast, but it was as filling as it came with 2 slices of bread which was alot since the bread was huge.
Overall, FFM put a little touch of their own to stand out from others especially with their relish, and difference in coffee. I would definitely be back, especially since they do all day breakfast. I can come for lunch and be able to have breakfast as well.

Overall rating: Slightly above average.

Will I recommend this cafe: Yes.

Food For Me
895 Albany Hwy
East Victoria Park
WA 6101
Tel: 9472 0333
Open: Mon – Fri, 7am-3pm Sat, 7am-2pm.

Average Price: $15-20 per pax

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  1. Jean
    January 10, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    My dear..ever considered doing food blogging full time? seriously u shld lor…pics so nic..comments are critical but not over the top and still got full restaurant details and average price with map. should include tel no. tho.

    Is this where u refer to when overseas friend visit? LOL =)

    • January 10, 2011 at 1:28 pm

      Thanks for the compliments =).
      Food blogging full time is abit hard though as it is very time consuming. I am already having trouble catching up. I do include tel no when I can/remember/and have the number.

      Yes! Need to encourage more people to visit Perth, and remove the label that Perth is a boring place, with nothing to do and eat.

  2. September 30, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    I agree with the person above. He is damn right!!!

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